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Our planet needs community energy to thrive. So Younity exists to support a growing sustainable energy movement; one that’s driven by the power and passion of local communities.

What is community energy?

Solar panels

Welcome to Younity.

All around the country, community groups of all shapes and sizes are working together to change the way we produce and consume power, through locally-led renewable energy projects. With the support of our friends at Your Co-op Energy and Octopus Energy, Younity is here to make sure they succeed. In fact, we won’t rest until community energy has earned its place at the heart of sustainable power.

What is community energy?

As you might have guessed, community energy is power produced at a local-level by communities to be used by the community. Crucially, the energy is produced through renewable sources like wind, solar and water, meaning it’s more kind to our planet. This energy can then be sold through ethical community energy or renewable energy tariffs… and Younity exists to make that happen. In lots of different ways.

What is community energy?
Solar panels

Introducing the Powering Communities Fund

Younity is proud to partner with Your Co-op Energy. And for every customer that signs-up to the Co-op Community Power tariff, we’ll donate £10 into our very own Powering Communities Fund to support affiliated community energy groups. It’s a win-win for communities and for the environment too.

How to change your tariff

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Our Powering Communities Fund

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Supporting community-owned projects

Help us shape the future of community energy in the UK.

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Updated Upcoming Events

As the world continues to return to normal after COVID-19, we are excited to announce that we are speaking at a variety of events in the coming months!

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