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Younity just wouldn’t exist without the support, vision, and downright decency of Octopus Energy and The Midcounties Co-operative. Our two proud parents have been driving social responsibility in utilities for longer than we can remember, and the birth of Younity represents another leap forward.

Hydro power

Here are some thoughts from Phil Ponsonby, CEO of The Midcounties Co-operative:

“We’ve long been the leading supporter of community power in the UK, and with the launch of Younity we want to go even further. In bringing together the technological capability and agility that Octopus Energy provides with the co-operative values and community generation experience of the Midcounties Co-operative, Younity is perfectly placed to grow the sector.”

Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy CEO and Founder added:

“By funding and using local renewable power from the community, for the community, when the sun shines, the wind blows and rivers run, we can take the pressure off the national grid and save the world from using even more fossil fuels.”

It’s been a busy first two years for Younity. We’ve already arranged agreements with almost 200 community energy producers around the country, which means they get the fair energy prices needed to continue their amazing work. Those partnerships are creating enough community generated energy to power nearly 60,000 homes. It’s an amazing achievement, but it really is just the beginning of a much bigger movement.