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About Younity

Younity was born from a partnership between Your Co-op Energy and Octopus Energy, and we simply won't rest until community energy has earned its rightful place at the heart of sustainable power.

We’re proud to support the country’s community energy projects in lots of different ways. We can inspire them with support and ideas. We can arrange the sale of their renewable energy through ethical community energy tariffs. We can introduce them to been-there-done-that community energy mentors. And we can help them to promote their community energy project to consumers, supporters and investors too. 

Wind turbine

Four core beliefs

Younity was born because of four core beliefs… these are the reasons we exist (and the reasons we spring out of bed each morning).

  1. Community energy needs innovation, so we’ll support the delivery of ground-breaking products and initiatives.

  2. Community energy groups are stronger when they’re working together. So we’ll help to connect and inspire them.

  3. Community energy needs passionate people to champion its life-changing, planet-saving potential. So that’s us.

  4. Community energy needs more partners, producers and customers so that it continually grows and develops.

Our mission

Still reading? Then maybe you want to know more about our mission… and how we’ve built those four core beliefs into the fabric of Younity as we innovate, collaborate, inspire and facilitate to create a true community energy movement.


Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. We will disrupt the energy market in both supply and generation by delivering groundbreaking new products which will provide new routes to market for community energy. These routes to market could leverage existing assets or create new business models to bring about new generation.


We will be the ‘go to’ for community energy groups who want to develop new products, business models and services which will drive community energy to the forefront of the UK’s energy market. We will also partner with organisations who share our view that community energy is crucial to delivering the UKs sustainability targets – these partnerships will be crucial in bringing community energy to a wider audience and creating ground swell of support and resource to the movement.


Big, exciting and innovative projects are what will bring about a significant momentum and growth in community energy. However, we believe it is also crucial to work with existing or new groups and support them in leveraging existing assets and membership bases and helping to streamline their operations where possible. We can have real impact here and the released resource can be diverted into creating the new and exciting.


For community energy to achieve its potential we need more groups, members, volunteers, investors and public support. We will be at the forefront of, and key instigator in, making this happen. We will showcase the great work we and our partners have already achieved and ensure that our new innovations and collaborations reach the widest audience possible.