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What is community energy?

Let’s start with the simple stuff. What is community energy? And why is it considered to be the future of sustainable power?

wind turbine

As you might have guessed, community energy is power produced at a local-level by communities. Crucially, the energy is produced through renewable sources like wind, solar and water, meaning it’s more kind to our planet. This energy can then be sold through ethical community energy or renewable energy tariffs… and Younity exists to make that happen.

Purchasing community power for your home or workplace means you can do your bit to support local communities across the country… and we do our bit by making sure those community groups get a fair price for the power they produce. The revenue they receive can go straight towards community initiatives from nature conservation efforts to insulation for homes in disadvantaged areas. It’s nice to be nice.

Looking to find out more about community energy? Read our blog to find out everything you need to know about community energy or read our blog to find out the history of community energy and where it all started.

Partner with us
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Michaela Cryar, Head of Product & Origination for Younity thrives on working within the renewable and community energy sector... so who better to explain the role of Younity in supporting the UK’s community energy movement?

“The creation of Younity is a ground-breaking step in driving forward community generation in the UK. It’s crucial that community groups are given support in finding opportunities to develop and grow projects, and that they have confidence that energy suppliers will pay a fair price for the power they generate.

Hungry for more? There’s no better inspiration than seeing the amazing work of our community energy partners around the country. Just click here to see what a bit of belief and a lot of community spirit can achieve.