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About the tariff

Supporting the UK's community energy movement is simple - you can simply switch to the Your Co-op Energy Community Power Tariff. Thanks to Younity's partnerships with groups and organisations across the country, we currently buy enough community energy to power nearly 60,000 homes. But this is just the start of a movement that will change the way we produce and consume energy.

Solar panels

Through our partnership with Your Co-op Energy's Community Power Tariff, we're proud to be pioneering what we believe is the most environmentally responsible way of buying energy for your home or workplace.

Michaela Cryar, Younity

How does it work?

For every unit of electricity that a customer uses on the Your Co-op Energy Community Power Tariff, Younity will guarantee to purchase another one directly from a community generator. This means we're able to deliver the greenest source of energy, direct to your homes... meaning you benefit from the feel-good factor of knowing you're supporting the UK's only community power tariff that is fuelled 100% by community groups.

Want to find out more?

Visit our friends at Your Co-op Energy to find out more about the Community Power Tariff, and how you can switch quickly and cost-effectively.

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Feel confident in community power

Whereas other energy suppliers will have very different levels of renewable energy within their fuel mix, we can guarantee that Your Co-op Energy's Community Power Tariff is fully fuelled by the community energy purchased through approved Younity partners. That means you're not just helping our environment, you're supporting a local community group at the same time.

Switch your tariff today

You can switch tariffs today by visiting Your Co-op Energy for a fast, hassle-free quote.