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Fully Charged

Newsletter #3

May 2023

We're pleased to have launched Younity's third newsletter, full of exciting updates from the Younity HQ. 

We hope everyone has had a good start to 2023, we're so excited for what's to come over the next few months. 

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Agrivoltaics - Agriculture and Solar can co-exist

Mar 2023

Agrivoltaics is possibly a word you’ve never heard before. In this blog we discuss what it is and why it’s got a big part to play in the transition to renewable energy.

Vulnerable customer

Expensive Home Energy costs – what’s the solution?

Feb 2023

The exceptional energy security crisis and rising costs of living can make us all feel overwhelmed and hopeless every time we see another energy bill or read the latest news. The current global impacts of wars, energy security and economic uncertainty all serve to increase anxieties about how households will manage.

Renewable Career UK

How To Start a Career in Renewable Energy UK

Feb 2023

Twenty years ago, if you’d have asked most people their opinion about careers in the renewable energy sector, they might have questioned what it was you were talking about.

But now, as we move towards cleaner, greener energy in the UK, the opportunities for careers in the renewable energy sector are becoming more and more available

Onshore wind

Onshore vs Offshore Wind

Feb 2023

Wind power does currently play a big part in community energy, with only solar power producing more energy. The more community energy grows, the more renewable, clean, green power can be generated for the community by wind.

Whether you're a passionate wind power fan (pun intended) or looking to find out more about how this renewable source can help drive the transitioning of sustainable energy - we're covering it all right here.

Bristol Community Energy Kickstart

Younity’s Community Energy Kickstart launched to scale community green energy projects

Dec 2022


£1.5m Kickstart launched by Octopus Energy and Midcounties Co-operative JV to bridge vital project startup costs for community energy projects 

1st advance given to Bristol Energy Cooperative for 1 MW rooftop solar project

Helps unleash important contribution of Britain’s community energy projects

Ryan and Amelia

Younity Newsletter #2

Dec 2022

We're pleased to have launched Younity's second newsletter, full of exciting updates from the Younity HQ. 

We hope everyone has a great festive period and a Happy New Year, we can't wait for what 2023 has in store.