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Thermal imaging equipment for household surveys to support vulnerable energy users

Cwm Arian Renewables

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy would like to purchase thermal imaging household survey kits. This vitally important equipment will be used by Energy Champions and 3 peer mentors to help CARE expand its ground-breaking work in supporting vulnerable households and energy customers. Getting ready for what could be a devastating winter - with extremely high energy prices being forecast. 

CARE at work

Project overview


North East Pembrokeshire

Energy/power type

Onshore Wind

"CARE is really happy for this wonderful fit with the Younity Powering Communities Fund - great to provide community renewable power to Younity, and for the fund to support and recognise CARE's work in helping vulnerable customers with funding for accessible home energy survey equipment to allow Peer to Peer assistance to households during this energy crisis". Daniel Blackburn, Director, Cwm Arian Renewable Energy