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Community Power Tariff

About the tariff

Community energy projects and local energy groups bring together like-minded locals to invest in community generation projects – Whether it’s putting solar panels on neighbourhood rooftops, adding wind turbines to local farmland or harnessing power from the local river – these projects are owned and run by the communities they power. Profits go towards local initiatives. More green energy gets pumped into the grid. It’s a truly co-operative way of generating power... and thanks to Your Co-op Energy, you can play your part by switching to the fully renewable community energy tariff.

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Solar panels

Have been impressed with Your Co-op Energy always staying ahead of market rises and coming up with a good deal. The fact it's 100% renewable energy is even better.

James - Community Energy Tariff Customer

Switching to community power - why bother?

Purchasing through the the Your Co-op Energy Community Power tariff means you can support local communities across the country, and know that the generators receive a fair price for the power they produce. The revenue they receive can go straight towards community initiatives from nature conservation efforts to insulation for homes in disadvantaged areas.

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Our Powering Communities Fund

Are you part of a community energy group or organisation? Apply for funded support for your next energy project.

Become an affiliate

Along with our friends at Your Co-op Energy, we’ve forged an affiliate partnership programme that brings together community energy producers from around the country.

Together we’re working collaboratively to develop new products and business models, to ensure the wider public and their communities truly benefit.

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