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Introducing Ripple

Ripple Energy

Ripple is a pioneering movement that allows the public to power their homes through part-ownership of a brand new wind farm.

Ripple Energy

Project overview



Energy/power type

Onshore Wind

Ripple allows people to part-own a wind farm alongside thousands of others, giving them direct access to the UK's cheapest source of electricity. This helps them to reduce bills as well as their carbon footprint.

About the project

Ripple is about people coming together to do incredible things for our planet. The company was successfully crowdfunded by over 1000 individual investors who shared our vision of making clean energy ownership affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Ripple is a small team of dedicated individuals with decades of experience in the renewable energy and tech sectors. They’re united by a mission to ensure that by 2050 50% of people will own their own source of clean energy.