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Graig Fatha, Onshore Wind

Ripple Energy

Graig Fatha is the first consumer-owned wind farm in the UK, with over 900 members being supplied with green, low-cost electricity.

Graig Fatha, Ripple Energy, Onshore Wind

Project overview


South Wales

Energy/power type

Onshore Wind

Owned by 900 members and supported by a generous grant from the Welsh Government, Graig Fatha Wind Farm represents the perfect example of community-driven sustainability. Since it was built in March 2022, this wind farm has been harnessing the power of nature to generate clean energy, benefitting both the environment and its members' wallets.

About the project

Members of the wind farm enjoy unique benefits as they receive monthly savings on their electricity bills, directly tied to their share of the wind farm's generation. Members have already received an impressive 50% return on their initial investment in the form of bill savings…with a further 23 years of savings yet to come.

Every week the wind farm generates roughly 280 MWh of renewable energy, equating to about  £28 worth of savings, a reduction of 21KG of CO2 emissions, and the equivalent of planting 7 trees - all in just one week!

Becoming a member of the wind farm is not just about contributing to a sustainable future, but also about building community resilience. The wind turbine is collectively owned by its members, meaning that the individuals join the cooperative society by purchasing shares in the project, entitling them to a proportionate share of the power generated.

Ripple Energy, the driving force behind Graig Fatha, has been on a journey to find innovative solutions to tackling climate change since its founding in 2017 and launching in 2020. We’re proud to be a partner of Ripple Energy and to buy the exported electricity this wind turbine produces through a Power Purchase Agreement.