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Solar and Sustainable Agriculture

Southill Community Energy

Blending sustainable agriculture with solar energy... what could be better? Southill Community Energy wanted to enable sheep grazing within the solar farm, to replace the system of mowing which is carbon intensive and compacts the ground.

Sheep grazing at Southill Community Energy

Project overview



Energy/power type

Solar PV - Ground mounted

Words from the winner: As part of its commitment to sustainability, Southill Community Energy have established a range of grassland and wild flower habitats around Southill solar farm, with annual surveys indicating the wildlife has increased significantly in response.  This award will enable Southill to graze a local flock of sheep, replacing the current system of carbon intensive mowing, and contribute to sustainable agricultural production for the site, and in doing so, complete its strategy for sustainable land management. The directors are delighted to receive this award and would like to thank Younity for all their support of community energy groups and the initiatives that come from them.