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Amelia Crews

Community Renewables Engagement Lead

Photo of Amelia in front of solar panels

Community Renewables Engagement Lead

Focussed on energising community energy through empowering new audiences to join the movement, whilst mobilising and collaborating with those already in it.

Background: After graduating in 2020, I entered the renewable energy space in marketing then transitioned into energy innovation with The Midcounties Co-operative. Outside of work, I'm an active climate advocate, involved with organisations such as Force of Nature, Sea Shepherd and Ecologi.

Environmental Inspiration: Christiana Figueres

Favourite Read or Listen: All We Can Save

Why community energy: Energy is at the centre of many injustices throughout the world (climate, racial, gender etc). Community-led solutions, open an opportunity for people to take control of their future and not be left behind in our fast-moving society. Integrating the two, therefore, is simply logical.