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Awel Aman Tawe's Dengineers Project

Aman Awel Tawe

Earlier this year Awel Aman Tawe partnered with Llanmartin Primary School, to take the pupils on an innovative educational journey known as the Dengineers project. This project was inspired by the amazing work at Cardiff University and was proudly sponsored by the Powering Communities Fund.

Aman Awel Tawe's Dengineers project

Project overview


South Wales

Energy/power type


  “We were really pleased to receive funding from Powering Communities Fund to further our work working with pupils in fun creative ways in our schools with solar panels” Jennifer James, Educational Programme Lead

About the project

The programme aimed to creatively engage primary school pupils in understanding the challenges of climate change and energy reduction, through the concept of designing and building their very own eco-friendly homes. The students decided on three main design objectives: to use less fossil fuels, be inspired by nature and adapt to climate change.

Working under the guidance of the amazing artist and sculptor Ami Marsden, the pupils were fully immersed in the world of sustainable housing, putting future technologies to the test. The project encouraged hands-on work and even involved some physical theatre, which was loved by all and was found to be the perfect way to learn tricky words and understand difficult concepts!

As part of the project, the pupils also got the chance to visit Cardiff University. Here, they were lucky enough to learn from and work with the University Engineering Department; being inspired by their research into protecting our environment by reducing carbon emissions.  These new learnings were channelled creatively into drawings, where the children showed the importance of living a sustainable life…and we’ve got to say we are pretty impressed by them! They even got the chance to do some 3-D printing with PhD student, Callum Thompson, who taught them the benefits of using recycled plastics and providing them with plant pots for their houses and two special trees as prizes!

The Dengineers Project at Llanmartin Primary School was a roaring success and empowered the students to think about environmental issues and their solutions. By integrating art, science, and engineering, this amazing work by Awel Aman Tawe not only enriched the educational experience but also inspired so many people, children and adults alike!